ChriBobZeus the AstralFire (starofhope) wrote in agentaeolus,
ChriBobZeus the AstralFire

Episode 27: A Minor Delay

Aeolus fluttered his eyes open. He still felt like a sack of bricks had hit him - or at the very least, a very scary and dangerous arcanist - but he suddenly felt recharged. He had energy, if not that much health.

Groaning and rubbing the back of his head, he glanced down at the limp form of Alexis beneath him. Somehow, someway, that nut was still breathing, if barely. Aeolus had to give him credit. The only other person he could think of that could have pulled off surviving and nearly winning in a situation like that would be Nemean...

As he got up, he noticed two strange things. One, he had a needle stuck in his arm. He promptly plucked that out and let it drop carelessly to the ground. The other thing was Robert, bloody as hell, lying nearby on the ground.

"So you finally got up... took you long enough..." He used his less bloody arm to prop himself up off the ground and grin at Aeolus. Aeolus looked confused. "Why the hell did you drag yourself out here-"

Robert pointed at the needle. "Echo... said something about... Lotus and electrolytes, told me that I needed to give you that."

A smile spread across Aeolus' face. "No wonder I feel better now. I feel like I just slept for a day or two. I'll have to do my Tony the Tiger impression for you later. We should get out of here though-"

"Stop right there, Agent Aeolus!" Hermes appeared on top of the nearby slope. His body was shaking, but his hands were steady and he had his laser pistol aimed straight at Aeolus' head.

Aeolus didn't move. Ablative armor was useless against a laser, not to mention the attack moved much faster than a bullet. He slowly opened his fists and raised his hands, but Hermes fired a warning shot over his head.

"Keep those hands closed and pointing away from me, Aeolus. Don't even think about pulling one of your oxygen tricks." Aeolus gritted his teeth and did as told. Hermes knew him too well.

The senior agent slowly started to move down the slope, his gun still trained on the rogue agent. Aeolus' mind raced faster and faster with every inch that Hermes moved forward. If Hermes saw Aeolus' hand so much as twitch in a suggestive manner, he might lose his hand or his head. What could he do-

Aeolus' thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a heavy diesel engine. Both Hermes and Aeolus quickly glanced in the same direction - a semi-truck. And in that instant of distraction, both ducked and rolled, realizing they had a fight on their hands. The tractor-trailer zoomed past them, zoomed past the wreckage, obscuring their view of the other for a split-second.

Before the truck had finished passing, Hermes made a gamble; teleporting blind was stupid, but giving Aeolus a chance to prepare for a fight was, too. He teleported to the other side of the road and quickly turned around, looking for Aeolus. Hermes never saw Aeolus - only felt the pain of Aeolus' elbow slamming into his back, accompanied with a sickening cracking sound.

Aeolus grimaced and walked back to the trailer. He held out his left hand towards Robert, gentle winds slowly picking up his limp body. His other hand was outstretched towards the trailer - first blowing the already weakened doors off, then reaching inside and grabbing Helena.

When both were in hand, winds swept downwards from Aeolus' hands and swirled around his feet, solidifying into a very light blue disk. It was time to fly. And he did so, leaving behind the cracked and cratered battleground, littered with bodies and pieces of bodies. And as he flew, cargo in tow, he felt the need to call out and let his voice echo among the mountains.
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